Glenorie Primary Presentation and Skills Program

Paul had a great day talking with the Year 6 students at Glenorie Public School. The students listened intently as Paul spoke about his time as Captain of the Socceroos, the many places he visited as well as how important is for students to make good choices as they head to high school. The

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The Scot’s College

Paul recently spoke with the Senior Year 12 Students at The Scots College. The presentation was a great way to inspire and motivate the students as they had recently completed their trial HSC. The students left the presentation feeling very upbeat and confident as they know new the importance of re-motivating and re-energising themselves before

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Amazing Conference Feedback – Epilepsy Action 2017

Nicole Wood – Epilepsy Action Conference nicooolemay   Paul Wade is one amazing man! I am so glad that I had the pleasure to meet him and hear all his stories from when he was playing for the Socceroos. We actually have something in common, we both have epilepsy. Hearing how he never lets his

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Goals – Gaining Opportunity and Life Skills

Paul Wade Life Skills love to provide young people the opportunity to be the best that they can be! A great way to do this is to participate in the Paul Wade Life Skills GOALS Program – Gaining Opportunity and Life Skills. Over 5 weeks students enjoy discovering the importance of Success and what

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Are you looking for a great speaker who loves to motivate and inspire?

Here at Paul Wade Life Skills we like to inspire and motivate through power stories around Employability and Life Skills and the good news is we have a few dates available between September and December 2017 for your school or organisation! Our presentations and team building workshops are great for high school students as

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Student Leadership Day At Crescent Head

Last week the years 5 and 6 students from Crescent Head, Aldaville, Kinchela and Gladstone Primary Schools participated in an uplifting experience on leadership facilitated by Paul Wade Former Socceroo Captain. Paul Wade engaged and entertained the students with his many stories about his role as Captain of the Socceroos, his international travel and

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