Paul Wade is one of Australia’s greatest and longest serving Socceroos.

‘Wadey’ as he is known around the world has had a remarkable international career including the Seoul Olympic Games in 1988, two World Cup campaigns in 1990 & 1994 and one of the toughest tasks in world football, to mark ‘Diego Maradona’ in the two legged World Cup play off with Argentina. During his 10 year international career he was also the captain of the Australian team and played over 118 games.

Born in Cheshire, England, Paul moved to Australia with his parents at age 11. By 1984, he attained Australian citizenship and represented Australia for the first time in Australia’s ‘B’ side against Tasmania. That same year, he made his debut in the National Soccer League with the Green Gully Cavaliers. Paul’s club career was spent entirely in Australia, a rarity for players who often go to Europe on the lure of a better quality game, more passionate fan support and higher salaries.

Paul’s experience and passion allowed him an easy transition into a career as a sports commentator. He has worked with all major Australian networks and has covered National Soccer League (NSL), with a highlight being with SKY NEWS on the 2006 & 2010 World Cups, and commentating on A-League, Socceroos & Matildas internationals.

In 1995 Paul released his autobiography ‘Captain Socceroo: The Paul Wade Story’. Paul has epilepsy and often makes appearances at functions dedicated to promoting awareness of the condition.

Paul through his company ‘Paul Wade Life Skills’ spends a lot of time visiting and inspiring students in schools and young people in sporting clubs, within the metro areas of our major capitals as well as rural and remote areas of Australia. Paul has extensive experience working with young people at risk and students from refugee backgrounds. Paul uses his many jerseys that he has collected throughout his career to support his entertaining and motivating life skill stories.

Paul is also a notable Keynote Presenter and works with many medium to large organisations throughout Australia. Paul also conducts team building sessions and practical activities.

Paul is also a regular commentator and contributor on ABC Radio for both A League and Socceroos. Paul is also currently ratified as an active supporter of Epilepsy Action Australia and is Patron of the Cerebral Palsy International Sporting and Recreation Association (CPISRA).